Christmas is coming up quick! We love this time of year and like to celebrate it by doing Christmas themed mini sessions Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st and this year we are coming to your house for the mini session!


Each session is $125 ($75 deposit when booking*) 30 minutes and comes with 10 digital images as well as a wooden Christmas ornament from LaserAllTheThings!

How it works:

1. Make a ($75) deposit* for a mini session based on the date that you would like below.

2. Once booking has closed for the season (November 16th) look for an email from us to find out your booking time. Times are based on your location in relation to the other bookings for that day.

3. On the day of your booking:

  •  Please have a place picked out and ready to be photographed. We recommend doing the photos in front of your Christmas tree, fireplace or couches. When we arrive we will setup lighting.

  • Please be sure to have everyone dressed and ready when we arrive for your photos.

  • Since we are traveling to your homes for these mini sessions, we are not providing themed sets or props. Feel free to have some to use for the photos if you would like! 

  • Be prepared to pay the remaining $50 with either cash, check, or e-transfer.

4. After your photo session the photos will be edited within a week and sent to you via email with a link for you to download the images to use however you would like! 

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Ashlee & Jeremy

*Note that deposits, once payed, are not refundable.

**Note that, since we are traveling to your homes for the mini sessions this year, we are not offering Christmas cards as a part of our packages. You are welcome to design and print your own once you receive your digital photos.

***Each slot is for a single immediate family only. If you would like to do multiple family groups, please pre-book one more slot per family group!

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